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URHYPE (Pronounced Your Hype) guides you through the planning and production stages. With adequate understanding of the goal of your podcast, our professional advice can fine-tune the ideas you have.

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Topic Research

We assist our clients in searching out relevant and trending topics within their niche that answers pressing questions in the hearts of their listeners and give back value to their audiences.


Your podcast meta-tag or meta-data are a big deal with us because they spur your audience to action, either to click the “Listen” button, the “Subscribe” button or to scroll over to the next podcast show. Due to the relevance of this part of your podcast we have mastered the art of creating amazing meta-data that can cause your audience to take the action you desire.

Real-Time Analytics

This can help you understand what resonates with your audience and what doesn’t. Analyzing analytics can sometimes prove to be more difficult than a chore. URHYPE has a team of excellent media managers who break these analytics into simpler understandable chunks for you.

Professional Audio

To give your listeners an enjoyable experience, our producers ensure that irrelevancies in audio like fillers (Uhm, umm, you know, long pauses, etc), incomplete sentences, echos, and background noise are erased. We want to give you listeners the perfect experience and make you sound like the professional that you are. No matter how intensely “untidy” the file is, we clean it up perfectly for you.

Podcast Syndication

Give your listeners more listening options through syndicating your episodes. Guide them to discovering more from you through our expert podcast syndication.

Episode Art

As much as there is a brand perception, each episode’s art can help set the tone and emotional attitude of the audience to the message. To us at URHYPE, your episode art is an opportunity to improve your brand awareness and audience engagement.

Blog Post Creation

Our writers at URHYPE are well- trained to convert podcast shows into captivating blogpost with customized image copy, providing you the options of keeping your audience engaged and returning for more

Social Media Content

Social media pages for podcast shows are so important for audience engagement because they help grow your audience and publicize your shows. Unique contents from your podcasts would be carved out and recreated into short social media posts, daily keeping you at the fore of your reach.

Podcast Art Design

This is the first visual representation of the show and it contributes to the first impression your listeners have of your podcast, therefore, it is paramount to make it exquisite. URHYPE has a team of excellent visual creators with years of experience up their sleeves. They have made it their sole responsibility to interpret your shows through your covers. Your covers would speak volumes with our touch.

Identifying Ideal Guests

Deciding who to invite to the show can be overwhelming especially if your niche is one where everyone seem to be an expert. Helping you discover real experts within your niche is part of what we do and we are excellent at doing this.

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