Are you a busy Podcaster with
very little time on your hands?

If yes?


Then we can help you produce your
show and create all the contents
you need to grow your
listeners and brand.

As a brand, we are committed to helping you increase listenership and viewership. We are want to help ensure that the value that you give through your podcast can be seen everywhere online. Our team of experts is ready to handle every aspect of your podcast production and marketing. The only thing you would have to do is record the show and send us the recording. Then you can relax as we create magic for you.

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Professional Audio

To give your listeners an enjoyable experience, our producers ensure that irrelevancies in audio like fillers, incomplete sentences, echo...

Podcast Art Design

UrHype has a team of excellent visual creators with years of experience up their sleeves. They have made it their sole responsibility to interpret your shows through your covers...

Social Media Content

Unique contents like audiogram, quotes, videos etc, from your podcasts would be carved out and recreated into short social media posts...

Show copies

Our writers at UrHype are well- trained to listen and create excellent show notes and summaries. They will also convert podcast shows into a captivating blog post with...


What We Do

UrHype (Pronounced Your Hype) guides you through the planning and production stages. With an adequate understanding of the goal of your podcast, our professional advice can fine-tune the ideas you have. We know the right equipment for your record sessions, the perfect length for your episodes, and we offer great content ideas when it seems difficult for you to get a show out. We know and utilize the best practices of top-rated podcasters to help keep our clients ahead and on top...

UrHype Production
podcast editing

Post-Production Editing and Show Notes Copywriting

Podcasts, like finger prints, are unique and therefore may require special editing measures. At UrHype, production, all kinds of micro-content, and copywriting are our specialties. Our team of producers, video editors, audio engineers, graphic designers, and writers know the best practices for your show. They execute excellently in accordance with your budgets and requirements. From your audio branding to your covers and copy, we will not fail at making your show stand out from the rest out there.

Distribution, Support and Commercial Advice

As it is common knowledge podcast distribution, outside iTunes and the likes requires a podcast hosting. We help in acquiring a hosting account for you, set it up and if the need be distribute these shows to other podcasting platforms like Spotify, Google Podcasts and others.

Out technical support is top-notch , keeping abreast with current best practices and offering assistance in evaluating show ranking and trends, just to help improve our clients’ shows.

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