As a podcast agency, URHYPE (Pronounced Your Hype) is committed to ensuring that clients’ goals are achieved. We stay true to this commitment by rendering excellent personalized services to each client individually.


To simplify podcast creation, production and distribution, grow brands and help you find your own voice in an industry where everyone is talking. We demystify wealth creation through Podcasting. We are the bridge between advertisers and podcasters, helping them dish out content that resonates

Ur Hype


Why You Choose Us?

Creative Approach

At URHYPE, we help with your creative strategy in recording your podcast, producing your episodes, building your audience and increasing your reach.


For us, our clients are the reason we exist. Therefore, we ensure that they are given the best and their needs are excellently met to the letter.


Whether it is for business or done as a hobby, planning helps your show stay on top and relevant. We can work with you to fine-tune your strategies, mapping out actionable steps for your shows.


We are open to improvements and change as we know that trends and best practices are subject to these. We are constantly researching better ways to improve our brand and that of our clients.

Affordable Pricing

Our prices are relative to the requirement and are suitable to every brand be it a business or an entrepreneur.

Personalized Support

Supporting each client gives us joy and knowing that they are excelling with our support and advice spurs us to do more. URHYPE can guarantee you a personalized support service when you need it.

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