Kowalski Analysis

Rob Kowalski, author of Why Waiting Works, host of Kowalski Analysis Podcast and Founder of CityFam, a Maryland-based non-profit organization whose mission is, Changing lives through the power of community.

Rob is a self-proclaimed reformed bad boy. Raised by a mother only 15 years his senior, his childhood was one of poverty and lack. With no strong male role model in the picture he taught himself how to be a man, and eventually became the most sought after male stripper in his hometown of Baltimore. When he was 25 he transitioned into the world of nightclub promotions and took over the nightlife in Charm City, until he had a radical life-changing encounter with Jesus that transformed him forever. His testimony from life of excess to redemption has inspired countless numbers of people from around the world already. His mess has become his message.!

The Adversity Advantage

The Adversity Advantage with Doug Bopst is a podcast that runs weekly that will feature Interviews from people of all walks of life as well as from Doug to help inspire you to turn your trials into triumphs. Doug Bopst used fitness to save his life from the depths of despair while incarcerated on felony drug charges and now has made it his life mission to help others overcome hardship. Doug combines his wisdom along with knowledge from experts around the world to allow you to use failures, obstacles and ADVERSITY to your advantage.

Sober Vibes Podcast

Courtney Andersen hosts the Sober Vibes podcast. A woman who decided to end her decade long love affair with alcohol in 2012 at 29 years old. She chose to live openly as a recovering alcoholic with honesty and humor while figuring it out one day at a time. This space and community will bring you weekly episodes of Courtney’s experience and help as well as interviews from incredible souls who are living a life without drugs and alcohol. Courtney’s sister Kimberly Elledge who also is a recovering alcoholic and addict, will join her in open conversations. The sisters will bring you their insights on this disease, family dynamics, and how they have healed — a show within a show. This podcast is here to inspire, empower, uplift, and bring you some laughter along the way in your journey.

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